Pullman Arts Foundation organizes and supports public murals, exhibitions and cultural events in the city of Pullman, WA on the homelands of the Nimiipuu Tribe and Palus people. We connect local, regional, national and international artists with community members to create unique public murals and cultural events. 

Our mission 

Our mission is to bring transformative positive change to Pullman, WA through the arts. We celebrate the world’s creativity while uplifting underrepresented groups. We work with artists to create an inspiring and welcome space for our current community members and future neighbors. 

About us 

Pullman Arts Foundation was founded in 2021 as a catalyst for creative expression on the Palouse. Pullman Arts Foundation supports projects that engage local community members and regional artists as well as faculty, staff, and students within Pullman’s own land grant institution, Washington State University. Pullman Arts Foundation is committed to bringing positive change to Pullman through giving local artists and community members a platform to share their ideas, as well as building national and international connections with other artists and communities. 

We believe in Pullman  

We believe public art and community engagement projects can be an aspect of creative placemaking while also fostering important conversations about social justice and diversity. Pullman Arts Foundation believes that the Pullman, WA community can be more welcoming and more inclusive and that it’s okay to admit that we aren’t there yet. We believe that art and cultural events can play a role in helping to tell stories that may not otherwise be told, to make connections that may not otherwise be made, and to bring people together to keep Pullman a colorful, welcoming, and dynamic place to live, work, study and create. 

We support 

Pullman Arts Foundation stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We call on our community leaders and locally elected officials to say Black Lives Matter and to become antiracists. We acknowledge that centuries of deeply ingrained prejudices continue to endanger the lives of black people, as well as indigenous people and people of color. We stand in solidarity with members of the Asian community who have been the victims of hate crimes in alarming numbers since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. We stand in solidarity with immigrants, with the queer community, with women, and with all peoples who have been persecuted and discriminated against, and will work to use our skills and privilege to help where we can.