About us

Pullman Arts Foundation was founded in 2020 as a catalyst for creative expression on the Palouse. Pullman Arts Foundation supports projects that engage local community members and regional artists. Pullman Arts Foundation is committed to bringing positive change to Pullman through giving local artists and community members a platform to share their ideas, as well as building national and international connections with other artists and communities. 


Joe Hedges

Executive Director, Founder and Board Member 

Joe Hedges is an intermedia artist, community organizer, and former major label recording artist. Hedges was born and raised in rural Ohio and now lives in eastern Washington State. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and has led community public art projects in Pullman, Washington, Cincinnati, Ohio, and northern Kentucky. Recent solo exhibitions include Chase Gallery in Spokane, WA, and Artworks in Loveland, CO. Hedges is a recent recipient of an Innovate Artist Grant and a GAP Grant from Artist Trust in Seattle, WA.

Jiemei Lin

Creative Director, Cofounder, Board member 

Jiemei Lin is an artist born in Hangzhou, China, currently living and working in Pullman, WA. Lin’s works frequently take on themes of individual and cultural identity with a keen eye for design and color.  Lin’s mission as an artist is to represent and communicate with audiences from underrepresented groups in her visual language.

June T. Sanders

Creative Director, Board member

June T Sanders is a trans artist, educator, and curator from South Central Washington State. She is an Assistant Professor with the Digital Technology and Culture Program at Washington State University and has also recently taught at Lightworks Photo lab and the New York Summer School of the Arts. Her work has been shown at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (Denver), Amos Eno Gallery (Brooklyn), and Cascade Paragon Gallery (Portland) — and has appeared in Vice, Paper Journal, Leste Magazine, Humble Arts Foundation, and Lenscratch. She is a recent recipient of the 2020 Blue Sky Curatorial Prize & the New Hampshire Institute of Art Teti Research Fellowship

Margaret Gollnick

Development Director, Board member

Meg Gollnick is the Co-founder of the Pullman Schools Pantry Program and founder of the Pullman Food Rescue Program. Before becoming a professional volunteer, Meg spent 13 years as the Laboratory Director for the Wheat Genetics and Breeding Program at WSU. She now organizes and plans food rescue events and helps facilitate food/toiletries/toys that get delivered directly to homes via community volunteers.  Meg has also chaired two individual mural projects at two elementary schools and was a committee member of the WA State Arts Commission.