End Racism Now Mural

the murder of George Floyd, many cities across the United States created simple, text-based murals affirming Black Lives Matter. Although local political setbacks rendered Pullman unable to capitalize on the initial wave of energy during the summer of 2020, we remained committed to the idea that Pullman needs a public statement affirming the lives of black and brown community members, and a work of art that challenges us to find ways to end racism now. Local artist and Pullman Arts Foundation co-founder Jiemei Lin created this design that is an homage to the unique rolling hills of the Palouse while incorporating the fauna of Africa and a rainbow color palette that speaks to the diversity and inclusivity to which our town aspires. Lin’s hope is that the mural inspires residents of Pullman to continue finding ways to combat prejudice and racism in our town and to look forward to a brighter and more colorful future.

The Project is finished with the support and love of the property owner Moon Lee, as well as everyone who contributed to the mural.

Finished Date: July 14, 2021

Location: Parking lot by 460 E Main St, Pullman, WA

Project Manager: Joe Hedges

Leading Artist and Designer: Jiemei Lin

Assitant Artists: Abiola Adekanbi, Sarah Barnett, Mohamed Ismail

Special Thanks to:

Jesica Dehart, Willow Falcon & Matthew Porter, Robert & Kat, Anthony, Claudia, Orion, Beyani Haynes, Carol Ndambuki, Pullman Heating & Electric, Gary & Karen Scheer, Ginny, Carl, and Katie Hauser, Tom & Jeri Harris, David Dolezilek, Building Blocks Child Care Center, Happy Prime, Phillip Cable, Phillip Cable.